As a means to noninvasively assess concentrations of certain small molecules in the living body, in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy enables the investigation of metabolic systems amidst a high degree of native biological context. Many open questions, however, remain to be explored regarding the methodological limits and appropriate clinical and research application of this tool.


BMENE 4490. Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: A Window to the Living Brain

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) allows the detection and quantification of chemical compounds from localized regions in living tissue, e.g., the brain, in a noninvasive fashion. It thereby provides a powerful tool to assess key aspects of brain metabolism and function. The repertoire of measurable compounds along with the quantitative character of the derived information makes MRS a versatile tool for the identification of clinical conditions, for longitudinal patient monitoring and for treatment control and monitoring of virtually all disorders with a metabolic signature. This educational course comprises all aspects of in vivo MRS from theory to experiment, from data acquisition to the derivation of metabolic signatures, and from study design to clinical interpretation. Anyone interested in gaining an understanding of MRS techniques, their potential and the limitations of their application in vivo will find this course useful.

The course bridges the gap between theoretical concepts, hands-on training in MRS data literacy and direct experimental experience on a human 3T MR scanner. This 13-session combined academic course and “boot-camp” will provide novices in MRS the requisite know-how for future engagement in MRS research and diagnostics.

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